Santa Comes to visit

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Look who came to visit from the North Pole! Using Mrs. Clause's slay, and a couple of flying reindeer, these two left their home to come visit us and capture some precious moments with the children!
I have had such an amazing opportunity to meet Mr. & Mrs. Clause! I learned so much about them which I am so excited to share with you! And below you will see how you can have the opportunity to meet them too!!!
The first thing I learned about Santa is that he stays very warm in his red suit! He feels very comfortable in the North Pole where it nice and cold and full of Snow! Both him and Mrs. Clause love the snow so much! Mrs. Clause even collects snowflakes and makes them into special keepsakes to give to the nice children she meets! They are such a loving couple, they warm your heart instantly!

Santa brought one of his many naughty and nice scrolls to show us too! There were names of some of the children he has been looking at recently on the list!
Santa also has a beautiful book filled with names that he always checks twice!!! He has to think real hard! Mrs. Clause said he can eat a dozen cookies a day while working hard! Santa also said he and Mrs. Clause love to drink hot cocoa with a peppermint! That's my favorite way too!
Have you ever wondered about how Santa keeps track of where he is at in the world? He carries his special globe with him of course!
Santa's official Naughty and Nice Santa ring was so neat as well! I believe this helps him see the children's behaviors so he can decide!
Of course Santa has a magic key to get into the homes that don't have a chimney to come down!! Isn't it beautiful?!
Santa only has so much time to make it all the way around the world in one night though! So thankfully, he has the perfect watch to help him keep track of time! Do you think it helps him move faster than us too?
Visiting with Mrs. Clause is so special too!! She LOVES snowflakes! She wears snowflakes all over! Even a snowflake tiara! She loves that each snowflake is different. None the same. Just like how God made all the girls and boys in the world. All unique and beautiful, just like each snowflake!
Santa celebrates the true meaning of Christmas, the birthday of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He wears a cross on his finger because this is the most important part of Christmas. Jesus being born to us, a Savior, is the greatest gift. The most important gift we can get is our salvation that Jesus gave us from dying on the cross. 
The Clause's love to be outside in the snow! Staying warm in there very special red furry suites!

We love to see Santa with his reindeer too! Especially Rudolph! So awesome!

Of course you know how much Santa also loves the Polar Express!

I am happy to tell you that you can visit Santa and Mrs. Clause here with some of the scenery from their home! They brought some amazing copies of the north pole to use as our backgrounds! Would you love to see Santa's Workshop and the Polar Express?!
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Santa has to get back to his workshop soon! So much to work on before Christmas arrives!
Digital Background by Tara Mapes

Thank you so much for visiting!

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