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Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and every detail contributes to making it a truly special occasion. While the dress steals the spotlight, the perfect pair of bridal shoes can add the finishing touch to your overall bridal look.

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Comfort Meets Style

When it comes to bridal shoes, finding the balance between comfort and style is key. Remember, you'll be on your feet for a significant part of the day, so choose shoes that not only complement your dress but also provide comfort. Consider factors like heel height, material, and arch support to ensure you can dance the night away without any discomfort.

Match Made in Heaven

Your bridal shoes should seamlessly match your wedding dress. Whether you opt for classic white or ivory heels to complement a traditional gown or experiment with a bold color for a modern twist, coherence in color and style is crucial. Think about the overall theme of your wedding and select shoes that align with the vibe you want to create.

Statement or Subtle Elegance?

Bridal shoes offer a unique opportunity to make a statement or embrace subtle elegance. If your wedding dress is relatively simple, you might choose embellished or lace-covered shoes to add a touch of glamour. On the other hand, if your dress is intricate and detailed, a more understated shoe style might be the perfect choice to avoid overwhelming the overall look.

Seasonal Sensibility

Consider the season and venue when choosing your bridal shoes. For a summer wedding, open-toe sandals or peep-toe heels can be refreshing, while closed-toe pumps are perfect for a winter celebration. If your wedding venue includes outdoor elements, ensure your shoes are suitable for the terrain, so you can confidently navigate grass or gravel.

Personal Touch

Personalizing your bridal shoes adds a sentimental touch to your wedding ensemble. Consider adding charms, initials, or even a special date to the soles of your shoes. This subtle detail can become a cherished keepsake, reminding you of the magical day you walked down the aisle.

In conclusion, your choice of bridal shoes is not just about fashion; it's about finding the perfect balance of comfort, style, and personal expression. As you step into forever, let your shoes carry you with grace and confidence on this beautiful journey of love!

 Find my personal favorite bridal shoes on Amazon 

I only share about companies that I truly believe in, and some of the links in this content are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through them.

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Tips to help your Family Formals go smoothly Tips To Help Your Family Formals Go Smoothly 

Parents of the couples, bridal party, friends, distant family members, the list goes on and on for all the people you want to have a photo opportunity with on your wedding day. And who can blame you? You're looking your best and this is the rare occasion that everyone you know is looking their best will be in the same place at the same time! But, with all those guests, orchestrating your formals can become a chaotic mess, which may result in not getting all the photos you hoped for. To avoid the chaos here are some simple tips that will set your formals up for success.

Organizing Your Formal Wedding Photography

1. Make a list.

The first thing you want to do is make a list of all the people attending your wedding that you want photos with. You don't want your photographer left guessing which guests should be included in family formals. Have a list ready for them prior to your wedding day. You'll also want to consider the combinations you would like to have with certain family members. Do you want just a group photo with all your siblings or would you like individual shots as well?

Having a list of names before hand and the combination of shots you want with each person will assist the photographer in devoting enough time to get all the shots you want.

2. Allow enough time.

Once you have your list and all your possible combinations you want to make sure you set aside enough time to get all the shots in. Typically each group shot will take 3-5 minutes but you want to also give a little extra time to gather everyone for the formals. Confirm with your photographer about how much time he or she needs so you don't end up having to forgo some of the important shots on your big day.

3 Let your guests know when they will be needed.

Make sure you keep everyone in the loop for when they can expect to be needed. The last thing you want is to be missing that one sibling when everyone else is posed for a big group shot. Inform the guests you want to have formals taken with prior to the wedding day so they already know to expect it.

4. Get the big groups out of the way.

It is usually best to get the bigger group photos done and out of the way first. Then you can take formals with your older family members and friends since most often standing for too long can be a burden on them. Kids tend to be pretty fidgety so they are also some of the first photos photographers like to get done as quickly as possible. Extended family members tend to go on the later end of the timeline to ensure all your immediate family gets their time with you.

5. Put Someone in Charge of getting everyone in the area.

Ask a bridesmaid, best man or trusted friend to be in charge of rounding up everyone for the formal shots. You don't want to be wasting your time checking the bathrooms or party bus for everyone since this is the time your photographer could be photographing you. Make sure that person has the list of people that are needed and let them handle getting everyone together.

6. Try to limit the family photographers.

You friends and family taking pictures with their camera can be a huge distraction for everyone involved. You don't want your photographer fighting with your aunts and uncles to get everyone to look at their camera. You hired a professional photographer for a reason, so kindly remind your guests of this fact; otherwise, you are going to end up with images where not everyone is going to be looking at the right camera and a lot of time will be taken up if they are posed for everyone else's picture.

7. HAVE FUN!!!

It's your wedding day! No matter what remind yourself to have fun! Don't stress about the screaming flower girl, the weather, or that Uncle Joe is at the bar instead of next to you. You want your beautiful smile to shine in all your formals so focus on just enjoying the moment!

View my Family Formal Flow Here:

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(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) Wedding tips Mon, 07 Mar 2022 19:15:00 GMT
Wedding day exit planning  

Wedding day Exit Planning

The grand exit photos can be some of the trickiest images of your wedding day. It's fast paced and filled with various items being thrown or waved in your face. While exit photos can be a challenge,they can also be some of your favorite images. To help you capture the energy and excitement of this mad dash into married life keep in mind these tips:

1. Don't assume your exit has to be at the end of your reception when you are leaving for the night! All of the exit's we capture are actually what we call a faux exit! This is usually done right before the photographer's scheduled hours are completed. After all the main events of the reception are completed, that is usually when nearly half of your reception guests start taking off as well, so this is a perfect last event of the night for them to see and even participate in! The DJ usually helps by announcing to everyone to gather together (in the designated area) for the exit as well as telling them that it's party time when they come back! The ones that do are the ones that your going to have all the fun with for the rest of the dancing and party time!
Another bonus to having your exit early is lighting! We usually get better images when its around sun set or just after, before it gets too dark.

2. Put Someone In Charge. If you don't have a planner then you will want to put someone in charge of getting everyone set up outside for you big exit (even if the DJ announced it). You will also want to make sure they are handing out sparklers, rose petals or any other item your guests will throw to send you off. Make sure this person checks in with the photographer to ensure they are set and ready for you to make your exit before telling you it is time to go.

3. Stop half way through! When you are on your way through the line, stop about half way through and do a kiss, better yet, make it a dip kiss! This allows for some fantastic shots!

4. If your exit is sparklers, run through again! So many times when sparklers are used, especially the long ones, they still have a lot of spark left to go when you get to the end of the line. So why not take advantage and do it again?! This is especially helpful for the photographers to have extra chances to get some great shots, especially when using flash and there is so much movement. So our couples run back through and do it all again! And a lot of times they outdo their first stop and kiss too!

Ideas for Exits:



Rose petals

ribbon strips (to wave, not throw)

glow sticks

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(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) Wedding tips Fri, 04 Mar 2022 19:15:00 GMT
Why to wear a wedding Veil Why to Wear a wedding veil

When thinking about the wedding dress, the thought to follow is usually the veil. You may question whether to have one or not, or if you do want one, what length it should be, if it should have beads or lace, and how long you will wear it on your wedding day.
There is no doubt that they add beauty and elegance to your wedding attire!

When Brides ask me my personal opinion on if they should have a veil, I ALWAYS say YES! And here's why:

1. They enhance your bridal look.

After you put on a wedding dress, you are most likely feeling like a beautiful princess, as you would in so many other kinds of beautiful dresses right? But as soon as the veil is added, there is no doubt you definitely feel like a bride! It's the one and only time of your life to ever wear a veil, even though it may not be the one time you wear a stunning dress!

2. Creates SEVERAL more beautiful photos then going without!

There are so many kinds of poses and tricks we have with using the veils to really get several more beautiful images! Whether the bride is detail shots, getting ready, having photos by herself, with bridesmaids, family, bride and groom together, and even during the ceremony, there are added shots to each of these when having a veil then without because we want to make sure to capture all the really dreamy flows, glows, and frames that we can while you have it on! Since it's typically not worn all day, we take full advantage of what we can get while we have it!

3. There are so many options!

With all the gorgeous veil options out there, it's another way to customize your look and wedding to your look and style. You may love to have bling, so there can be another touch by getting a veil with beading, or you love lace so much that you get a veil with lace, maybe your dress is super simple so your veil adds the flare with some lace, or adding length to your dress to get an ultimate cathedral bridal look! There are short options, medium and of course several long options. I personally love the ones that go a little longer than the dress. They create the most dreamy flowing veil shots and have such an wow factor!

The number one question I get after they have decided on wearing a veil, is how long will it be worn?
Usually, it is put on after your wedding dress, and will be worn until after some photos after the ceremony are done with wedding party and just bride and groom. There may be more photos with the group and just bride and groom even after it's out too!
Sometimes it can be taken out earlier if bride and groom have a first look before the ceremony, where we will do their veil portraits then. So it can be taken out right after ceremony or pretty quickly after.  It is usually off though a little while before the reception, and before dress bustling. Some brides choose to put them back in if we go back out for sunset portraits, and some like to keep it off to have some photos without the veil as well.

Please enjoy viewing some of my favorite images using the veils to create such romantic and dreamy images!

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Prepping for your Wedding Day Getting Ready Photos Prepping for Getting Ready Photos

Every bride wants to remember the exciting moments leading up to her walk down the aisle, the moments spent with her bridesmaids, getting her hair done, and putting her dress on. Some of the most beautiful getting ready shots happen spontaneously but there is an element of planning that goes into them too.


Here are a few tips to help you prepare and make it as easy as possible for your wedding photographer to capture the best possible shots of you getting ready:

1. Keep it tidy.
A cluttered background can change a photo completely. To prevent this from happening, try and keep the room as tidy as possible. This means keeping any surfaces as clean as possible, putting extra clothes in the closet or another room and hiding suitcases under beds. It also helps if there aren’t too many people in the room while you’re getting ready besides bridesmaids and immediate family so that your photographer has enough space to work.

2. Choose the right room.
You’ll be spending a good few hours getting ready in one particular room and it will also form the backdrop of all your getting ready photos so choose wisely. If possible, choose a room that has a little extra space so that everyone has room to breathe and relax. A room with lots of natural light also makes for much better photos so open up the windows and curtains. If the room you will be getting ready in isn’t ideal, speak to your photographer about other spaces that can be used for photos leading up to the ceremony.
Below is a wedding in an older church, where the actual getting ready was done in a room full of distractions and odd colors. However we found another room close by with a perfect corner where we moved a couple of minor things to have the optimal location for perfect getting ready portraits!

3. Have your details ready.
Keeping all of your details together in one place will make things easier for your photographer on the day and will help you feel more relaxed too. Your details include all of the smaller things such as your perfume, shoes, garter and the special hanger you’ll be hanging your dress on. It’s also a good idea to take your dress out of the bag and hang it up a few hours before you start getting ready so that your dress can breathe and any wrinkles can be steamed out.

4. Help your groom out.
Even though the groom’s getting ready process isn’t nearly as detailed as the bride’s, there are a few things that he can focus on while getting ready. Before the photographer arrives, ensure that the groomsmen are fully dressed and that the groom is dressed in his pants and shirt. His shirt shouldn’t be buttoned so that the photographer can capture him buttoning his shirt, straightening his tie and putting on his cufflinks. After that, your photographer will shoot some portraits of the groom and his party. It’s best for your husband-to-be to not keep anything in his pockets as this can affect the photos.

The key to getting the best getting ready shots is just to relax, have fun, and focus on the wonderful day ahead.



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Why to have a first look Why to have a first look with your groom

First looks have become more and more popular with Brides and Grooms, so much so that the majority of weddings we do now are doing them!
A first look is when the Bride and Groom have a beautifully planned and captured first view of each other before the ceremony even begins.

Here is why so many couples are choosing first look instead of the traditional first view of coming down the isle:

~ It helps you both feel calmer.
Once you see each other for the first time in your wedding attire, you’ll automatically start feeling calmer and can truly enjoy the ceremony. By having a first look, your photographer can also get better shots of the bride walking down the aisle because she won’t look as nervous.

~ It frees up more time.
Having a first look means you can get most of your couple and wedding party shots, and possibly even family formals, completed early on and can have more time to spend with your guests during cocktail hour, alleviating some of the pressure on the day.

~ You get amazing reaction photos.
When there's nobody around but the two of you (and us capturing the moment), your groom has the freedom to really express his true emotions. A first look also makes it easier to capture your grooms reaction as the photographer is usually more focused on the bride when she first walks down the isle and only can get minimal shots of the groom.

~ You get to share a truly magical moment together.
A first look will be one of the first moments that you get to share together on your wedding day and the fact that its alone makes it even more special. Every moment during your wedding day will be special and unique but there is something about sharing that first look alone that makes it simply magical. After we capture the moment, we leave the two of you to talk and admire one another, undisturbed, until you are ready to begin portraits.

~ The truth behind the tradition:
We understand that some like to keep it traditional, and that's okay! We are happy to work with your preferred requests! Some people like to stay in tradition though without even knowing how the tradition started. So I am here to help!
The reason for not seeing your spouse before the ceremony is because of back when marriages were arranged, the bride and groom weren't allowed to  see or meet each other until they were at the altar. This way, the groom would not have met her before knowing what she looked like, in case he would call off the wedding, which would lead to serious shame of the family who arranged the marriage. So to avoid risking the family's reputation, the tradition that the couple didn't see each other until the ceremony was born.

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) Bridal tips Wedding tips Thu, 18 Feb 2021 17:33:00 GMT
Jenna & Jon's Rose Gold and Navy 10 Year Anniversary Session
This session was such an honor to do! Jenna and Jon are such an inspiration of a loving couple who's faith in the Lord truly shines through them and brings them so many blessings! Jenna is also an amazing photographer, constantly helping me with weddings and some busy mini sessions. Besides that though, her main job is the Children's Director at our church, Lima Baptist Temple. She is amazing at balancing a full plate on a regular basis! Jon teaches 8th grade and is also actively involved in the church and is amazing leader of our Small Groups!  Together, they have 3 young and absolutely adorable children!
Jenna has been dreaming of this session for at least a year! Their anniversary is actually in December, but she wanted the beautiful outdoors in the summer and it turned out perfect! We went to Bluffton University for this session since that is where it all began for this amazing couple, back when they were in college! This day was such a great time! I am so happy I got to be a part of this experience in their life!

Jenna's rose gold sequin dress and accessories was stunning! And her sweet hubby got her a brand new wedding band as her anniversary gift!
It's absoluetly beautiful and full of bling!

They actually managed to stay apart after Jenna was all done up and looking extra gorgeous to do a sweet first look!

Makeup: Makeup by Ashley (Ashley Saunders)
Hair: Katie Schultz
Flowers: The Flower Loft (Lima)

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Alyssa's Stunning Senior Session downtown and in Sunflower field

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) Anniversary summer Fri, 28 Aug 2020 21:51:49 GMT
Alyssa's Stunning Senior Session downtown and in Sunflower field
This is a day I have been so excited for! For years, I have photographed Alyssa and her very beautiful family, and watched her grow into such a stunning young lady! She is always such a dream to work with! She is so sweet and lovely in every way!
She had a couple of awesome outfits, one was more natural colors that went great with the downtown location and then her red dress totally popped against the greenery, white barns and the yellow sunflowers! I am so excited to work with her again for the next half of her senior portraits!

Alyssa & her momma! We see where she gets her beauty!!!

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Rachel's Stunning Senior Portraits in June

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) downtown Lima senior portraits summer Tue, 18 Aug 2020 22:56:27 GMT
Stunning Bride and Groom outdoor wedding ceremony at Crimson Lane

Chloe & Jared had such a perfect day for the day they said I Do! For this July wedding at the lovely Crimson Lane Wedding Venue, it was full of beauty everywhere! The bride was absolutely stunning and the pops of blue in the wedding colors really brought out the blue in her eyes!! It was amazing to watch this day unfold so smoothly and an honor to be a part of it!

Before Chloe got into her own dress, she put on her grandmother's wedding dress for a few portraits before getting into her own. It fit her so well and she looked stunning in it!



Venue: Crimson Lane Wedding Venue, Ada, Ohio

Hair: Amanda King

Makeup: Makeup By Ashley ( Ashley Saunders)

Dress purchased from: Twirl

Invitations: Zola

Cake: Jeanette Hager

Florist: Kill's Flower's in Spencerville

DJ: David Louth

Photography/Videography: Jessica Lynea Photography (Jessica & Jenna)

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(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) Crimson Lane summer summer wedding Wedding Fri, 07 Aug 2020 13:15:00 GMT
Summer Senior Portraits in Flower feilds in Lima, Ohio Parks

Haley is such an amazing lady! We had such an amazing session and perfect day for this session! We started in the studio and went to some local parks which included a beautiful sunflower field and wildflower fields!!!
She is just such a beautiful 2021 Senior and was so great in front of the camera! We got so much variety in her session with these locations and her beautiful outfits!


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Lauren | Senior 2020 Spring session


(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) senior portraits summer Sun, 02 Aug 2020 13:47:24 GMT
Beautiful Engagement at Dawes Aboretum in Newark Ohio

Allie & Louis found a perfect location for their engagement portraits! This place had so much to offer and we did our best to get around to as much of it as we could! We even ended up with a wonderful day, even if it was a bit hot. She brought a gorgeous bouquet to add even more color to their portraits too! We had such a great time visiting this location and capturing precious romantic moments!

And because I love romance and believe all my brides are princesses, I just had to create a fine art portrait with this amazing couple in such a beautiful location!


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Rachel's Stunning Senior Portraits in June

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) engagement summer summer engagement Thu, 16 Jul 2020 20:29:23 GMT
Rachel's Stunning Senior Portraits in June

It's hard to believe Rachel isn't a model because she totally rocked her session like a pro!!! Not only was she awesome at being in front of the camera, but this 2021 Senior had a couple of beautiful outfits! And tied together with her makeup and hair, and those stunning eyes, it was just perfection!! Her hat for an added accessory was so much fun for some of the shots too!
We only did half of her session so far and I am just so excited to work with her again on the other half! We may have overdone it some but we just couldn't help it!
Our first location was actually at my own parents property. I love it there with the woods, trails, fence and color pops! Then we headed downtown to some of my favorite spots!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) downtown Lima senior portraits summer Fri, 10 Jul 2020 13:30:00 GMT
Lauren & Kyle's Intimate Summer Wedding in Downtown Lima

It's hard to be upset about this day not being the day they originally planned. Even though this day didn't consist of a wedding party and several guests that they imagined, it became such a perfect intimate ceremony with their parents and grandparents in attendance. 
They didn't let the day affected by Covid restrictions keep them from having the day they dreamed of becoming united as one under God.
The ceremony was held in downtown Lima, at Trinity United Methodist Church. (I refer to it as the church that looks like a castle!) It was a beautiful summer day in the beginning of June. They had beautiful flowers from Ivy Hutch (Delphos,OH) that included a bit of the burgundy wedding color in the leaves to tie the details together perfectly!
Lauren and Kyle are such a beautiful couple that I truly enjoyed working with! I am looking forward to them celebrating their one year anniversary with a wedding reception they didn't get to enjoy on this day. What a perfect way to celebrate their One Year together!

Lauren's adorable little brother! He's an excellent model!

How cute are these masks?!!!

Lauren is just stunning!!!

Congratulations Lauren & Kyle!!!

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(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) downtown Lima summer summer wedding Wedding Fri, 03 Jul 2020 21:09:42 GMT
Lauren | Senior 2020 Spring session

Finally, after being shut down from Covid, and being able to get back out, Lauren was my first senior session after the shut down. And she was so perfect to work with! A Shawnee High School graduate with plans to attend Miami University in the fall. I think she hopes for school to be open in the fall more than she wanted to finish high school like normal. She is such a positive and sweet young lady who is taking it as it is and making memories of the end of her year by wearing a mask in a few of her portraits! She came with adorable outfits, and wanted the spring flowers, and some portraits done at her high school. This was such a fun day!

She's so excited to start college!

So in love with these red pumps!!!

These two below may be my favorites!!! She's so beautiful!

A true 2020 Senior, who ended her school year with stay at home orders. Using the mask to mark the memory was a perfect idea!

Congratulations Lauren!


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Senior Session Details and Portfolio

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) senior portraits spring Fri, 29 May 2020 17:47:20 GMT
Ally & Tony's Crimson Lane Wedding

Ally & Tony's September Wedding at Crimson Lane

This wedding was one I had looked forward to so much since the day they booked! Not only was I excited about working at this gorgeous venue, but to see these two amazing people get married! They are such a fun and sweet couple! They have two adorable dogs that were even a part of their wedding day! We had such an amazing day, the weather was fantastic, the details were beautiful, and the love and laughter was everywhere!
I am so honored they chose me to capture their precious memories of this day!

Venue: Crimson Lane, Ada Ohio
Hair Stylist: Kristi Kohl & Jill Bakies
Makeup Artist: Paige Peterson
Wedding dress from: White of Dublin
Men's Attire: Men's Warehouse
Caterer: Western Sizzling
Cake: Judy Gillette
DJ: Motteriffic
Photographer: Jessica Lynea Photography

Honeymoon Location: Jamaica

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) crimson lane wedding fall wedding wedding Fri, 15 May 2020 18:16:22 GMT
Samantha & Nick's September So Serene Wedding

I am so happy to share this amazing couples special day! It couldn't have been more perfect! The weather was amazing, the family and friends were the best! And they had so many amazing vendors! It was such a fun day!
I have to share these short stories of how they met and how he proposed! These are always my favorite things to learn about a couple.

How they met in Samantha's words: 

We met online.  My girlfriend (Emilee) was helping me get ready for our first date and we figured out that she knew him and graduated high school with him. After talking, we discovered that we frequented the same places in Toledo and probably crossed paths more than once without ever knowing.  It was like us meeting was fate.

How he propsed:
We were on vacation in June 2018 in OBX and he and his mom convinced me he hadn't bought the ring yet.  He took me to Roanoke and then Elizabethan Garden.  He knew he wanted to propose near the ocean, while we were at the garden, he found the cutest little gazebo and said he wanted to sit and take in the view.  He told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him.  It was perfect!

We're so excited to share our special day with all of our friends and family.


Venue: So Serene - Wapakenta Ohio
Hair Salon & Stylist: Katie McDonald & Team
Makeup Artist: Makeup By Ashley - Ashley Saunders - Wilkins
Dress Designer & Place of Purchase: Maggie Sottero @ Consider the Dress
Cateror: Mrs. B's Catering
Cake & Cupcakes: Sara's Sweets
Florist: Bride
DJ: Ary Entertainment
Photography: Jessica Lynea Photography

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) fall wedding So Serene Wedding Wed, 09 Oct 2019 21:38:50 GMT
Ally & Tony - Summer Engagement Portraits in downtown Lima This sweet couple is so fun to work with and I am so excited to share their summer engagement session in downtown Lima! When I first met them, it was actually years ago when they bought one of my previous homes. Many of my clients know this home because I used to have my studio there in its own separate building in the back. This couple and their always joyful attitudes, have really enhanced the house and building to look so fresh and beautiful! I dont usually have in home meetings with wedding clients but I was so happy to be able to have one with them to be back in the home that i brought my daughters home to and saw them take their first steps in. It was so amazing to see it so different. They have done an outstanding job and I can only imagine how much better they will do in continually to build their lives together. Not just in a home but in a family, which currently consists of two beautiful doggie children! I am so excited to photograph their special day and hopefully more special days in their future!!!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) downtown Lima engagement summer engagement Wed, 25 Sep 2019 11:15:00 GMT
Kylee & Michael's Beautiful Church wedding
This day was absolutely perfect! Not just the beautiful weather, the stunning bride and groom, amazing friends and family, and gorgeous details. But also because of the loving and positive vibes, the flow of the day, the tears and so many special moments.
After Kylee was dressed, she decided to do a reveal to her bridesmaids instead of them helping her get ready. So her sweet mom helped her in her dress and then she walked outside where all of her bridesmaids stood out waiting for her big reveal! And oh, how stunning she was!!! Even both bride and the groom moms got to enjoy the moment and sweep away tears! The emotions were high and beautiful!
I especially loved when Kylee & Michael got to exchange gifts and a few words while holding hands before the ceremony. Never seeing each other, but able to be close on either sides of the gorgeous front door of the church.
After the ceremony, we stopped at the local bar (the Bombshelter) to put up their koozie as tradition has it there, to go along with the collection, and then headed to Hillside Winery where we were able to do some more photos and the wedding party could enjoy some more drinks. As they entered the receptions, they all had such fun ways to come in! Kylee and Michael had such stunning decor throughout the hall, and a beautiful cake they started cutting shortly after arrival. The rest of the night went by with so much fun and special moments. Their day was a true success!

How did he propose?? Here is the sweet and awesome story in the brides words:
I went on vacation with Michael's family to Traverse City, Michigan. We stayed in a cute little airbnb downtown. It was walking distance from the local bars and Lake Michigan. The fist day was spent touring several wineries on Old Mission Peninsula. Between each winery was about a 5 minute drive where we got to see lots of vineyards and fruit trees. We eventually made it to the tip of the peninsula where there was a pretty lighthouse. The next day we started out early and kayaked on Lake Michigan. That was quite the test for Michael and I's teamwork skills as we shared a kayak. We later went back and got ready for the rest of the day. Michael's sister, Melissa, suggested we wear dresses that day, so I did! (She had no idea Michael was going to propose). That evening, we went on The Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. It is a drive with several stops to get out and look at the dunes. Stop #9 was the big one. The dune directly overlooked Lake Michigan at almost 500ft high. I had my nice camera with me the whole vacation and of course brought it on stop #9. We walked around a bit and took pictures and then Michael and his Dad wondered up another little dune. They shouted down at us and told us we should all come see the nice view from where they were. We made it up the little dune, where no one else was. (The area is pretty touristy). Michael's dad, Greg, offered to take some pictures of Michael and I. We took a few pictures and then Michael made his move. With the wooden ring box he made himself, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Greg continued to take pictures and as the pictures show, I was completely caught off guard and surprised! Especially because he later told had the ring box in his pocket for most of the vacation! He was so excited he was able to surprise me as much as he did. We ended the evening watching the sunset over Lake Michigan. Michael knows I love sunsets more than anything! It was the most perfect day. I'd say he nailed it!

Wedding Ceremony: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Wedding Reception: Fogle Center
Hair Salon/ Stylist and Makeup: Revitalized Spa/ Jayme Hahn
Dress Designer & Place of purchase: Christina Wu/ Bridal & Formal Cincinnati OH
Groomsmen Attire place of purchase: Gustwillers Ottawa OH
Invitations:, made by bride
Florist: Barb Lauth
Cake Creator: Rhonda Maag
Decorator: Dana Roebke (YOUnique Decor), Teresa Bitters
Cateror: Kelly Gerten
Photography: Jessica Lynea Photography
Amazing videography team: Captured Video and Photography (Lima)
DJ: Phil Austin
Party Bus: Advantage Limo (Delphos)
Other Vendors: Ultrasound in Delphos (some linens and napkins)


(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) Catholic Wedding Wedding Fri, 20 Sep 2019 16:33:16 GMT
Chloe & Jared - September Engagament I am in awe of this sweet couple! They were super easy for me to work with so I just cant wait for their wedding next summer at Crimson Lane! Its going to be so beautiful! I really loved Chloe's pretty dresses! They went so well with the local park locations we used! We also ended up with such a perfect day! The weather and light really couldn't have been better! Blessings are definitely shining on these two!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) engagement summer summer engagement Fri, 20 Sep 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Erica - Senior 2020 Erica is absolutely adorable! She is so beautiful and easy to work with! She just made my job super easy! I loved this field which looked perfect with her dress and then going downtown for more amazing scenery was so perfect! She asked for flowers and I knew where to find the pretty areas of them! Not just the field, but the Met downtown is always so nicely done up for summer so of course we had to go there!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) downtown Lima fields flowers senior portraits summer Fri, 20 Sep 2019 11:45:00 GMT
Mercedese & Maxwell - Engagement in downtown Lima How adorable are these two??!! When I first met Mercedese I was so excited she was even considering me to photographer her wedding because I knew I had a chance to work with such an amazing person with such beautiful red hair! (I love red hair if you didn't already know!) So of course I was ecstatic when they chose me for their special day! I had so much fun with this session and cant wait for the other and most definitely looking forward to their wedding day!!!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) downtown Lima engagement summer summer engagement Mon, 16 Sep 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Megan - Senior 2020

Megan is such a beautiful and sweet girl inside and out!!! We had a great time at the park and downtown capturing such gorgeous and timeless photos of her! I am so happy we got to work together and I cant wait for the next half of her Senior session!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) downtown Lima senior portraits summer Tue, 10 Sep 2019 11:45:00 GMT
Jennifer & Brady - July Wedding This is so exciting for me to share this gorgeous wedding at Crimson Lane! Jennifer had such beautiful details with just the right glam and simplicity! She created her own flower arrangements and bouquet's and had the cutest gifts for her bridesmaids! She is so sweet and thoughtful. Both her and Brady are such a joy together and to be around! They have become such an amazing and accomplished family, I am so incredibly happy for them!
I am so honored to have been able to capture this special day for them! In their engagement blog, I tell more of how I have known them and of course you see so much more of the love these two have for each other and the romance they share! If you wish to see the engagement blog, just click here!

Venue: Crimson Lane
Makeup and Hair: Glamour To Go Mobile Salon
Flowers/Decorations: Bride!
Cake: Sara's Sweets
Caterer: City BBQ - Findlay
DJ: C-Rob
Videographer: Fordham Footage
Photography: Jessica Lynea Photography

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) crimson lane summer summer wedding Wedding Sat, 07 Sep 2019 11:00:00 GMT
Jennifer & Brady - Summer Engagement Portraits This couple is so special! Not only are they both nurses who have went through school and working hard, but I have a past connection to them as well! Well, mostly with Jennifer, who I went to the same day care with and she was such a good friend to me! It was nice to laugh at some of those memories! And a few short years ago, I photographed Brady's twin brother's wedding! Its amazing to see the way that God intertwines us in each others lives! I was thrilled to be a part of their special day (Which came within two weeks of this session and will also be shared very soon!) It was such an honor to be able to capture the love they have for each other. Jenny has such an amazing personality and smile that is always lit up and pleasing to be around! And Brady is so sweet to her and her daughter, truly stepping in to be the man and father they both deserve! Lots of love for these two!!!
This location is very special to them, its where it all really started!!!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) engaement summer summer engagement Fri, 06 Sep 2019 11:45:00 GMT
Allison & Justin - Farm Engagment Portraits This pretty farm has so much history and meaning to this lovely bride-to-be, Allison. She has many precious memories here growing up since this is her Grandparents farmland. I really appreciated her having me come to this out of town location, so that we could capture these special memories at this even more special location! We even got lucky with the weather being nice, hot, but nice! We had a great time capturing the romance in the old country barn and fields.


(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) barns country engaement engagement summer summer engagement Tue, 03 Sep 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Shannon & Jeff's So Serene Summer Wedding This wedding was such an awaited event for these two! They have such a beautiful story of how they have finally come together after years and found that God has put them in the right places at the right times, in His plan to actually be together and become husband and wife.
I truly love their story and their beautiful wedding day at the always amazing So Serene venue!
I'm so happy that Shannon has shared this story in her own words as well:
"Jeff asked me out 10 years ago, and I was not available.  We continued to see each other at Church over the years. We had a few mutual friends that would talk to him about me, and me about him. We ran into each other at Menards on Saturday,  April 21, 2018. We were both were there for something specific, but ended up standing there talking for about 2 hours. We then parted ways and went to our own homes. We could've talked for hours.  We were both interested in each other, but neither one of us made a move until Easter Sunday 2018. He came up to talk to me at Church and then proceeded to ask if I wanted to hang out later.  I said sure. We went to Applebees for dinner and have been inseparable ever since. We feel God had it in his plan for us to be together, but it was all in his timing.  It's been the best decision we both ever made.  God is so good if you stay focused on him and trust him with the plans for your life."
Venue: SoSerene
Flowers: Ivy Hutch Flowers & Gifts
Hair: Mimi's House of Hair (Courtney & Lisa)
Makeup: Caley
Cake: Amazing Cakes by Jamie
Decorator: Plan on Jules
DJ: Partyman Productions Mobile DJ
Caterer: Mrs. B's Catering
Photography: Jessica Lynea Photography

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) So Serene summer summer wedding Wedding Fri, 30 Aug 2019 21:41:55 GMT
Jennifer & Samuel - Summer Garden Themed Wedding This was such a beautiful outdoor wedding, even with the thunderstorm that rolled through, starting during the first look and right before the ceremony! It means good luck right?! And it was perfect out for the rest of the day! They had such a unique wedding theme with garden decor all around in the reception hall. And the Shawnee Country club was the absolute perfect venue to have outdoor, yet covered and surrounded by beauty all around!

I am also so excited to share Jennifer's words of their love and engagement stories:

"Samuel and Jennifer met in Lima, Ohio in August of 2015 while they both were working at University of Northwestern Ohio.  She was a graduate assistant for athletics and Sam was the new assistant baseball coach. At a team meeting for baseball where Jennifer and her office had to attend, that's where Sam first saw her.  Jennifer did not see Sam as there were 100 other baseball players and coaches there and they all matched, impossible to tell them all apart!

Fast forward a few weeks to September alumni weekend for UNOH baseball.  Jennifer is working her part-time job at Lock 16, and in walks the baseball staff.  The UNOH baseball alumni and coaches always come in to Lock 16 to kick off the after hours festivities of their alumni weekend.  In walks Sam, and Jennifer can remember exactly where she was standing and what she said to herself when she saw him.  Oh my god, is that the new baseball coach, he is hot, I hope that table is mine! Jennifer walks in the back of the kitchen to finish a task she was working on and up walks a hostess, telling Jennifer that the high top table (where the baseball staff was seated) was mine.  In her mind It was as if the gods were on her side that day.  Jennifer still thought that Sam had no idea who she was or had ever seen her.  So she thought this was a great way for him to notice her! After a long shift trying to keep up with the thirsty baseball alumni, Jennifer's shift ended about 10 hours after she arrived to work that day.  

Fast forward again a couple months and during those months, there were multiple athletic department meetings that were attended by Sam and Jennifer together and Jennifer looked forward to everyone and always told her best friend, Megan, when she got to see the hot baseball coach she was crushing on.  

In November, Jennifer was getting off work at Lock 16 and her best friend, Megan, was at a UNOH basketball game with her friend, Sean.  Sean was also on the baseball coaching staff.  Megan texts Jennifer and tells her "hey, you should come to the basketball game when you get off work, your baseball lover is here."  Jennifer headed right to the basketball game where she officially met Sam. The group went out the Mulligan's that night and played pool, where Jennifer beat Sam twice (death on the 8 ball).  After that night, Sam and Jennifer's relationship started budding and they officially started dating in January of 2016 and have been together ever since.  

---Side note, our engagement story is just as good as this one! :)

June of 2017, Jennifer got to throw out a first pitch at a Lima Locos game where Sam was one of the coaches and got proposed to in front of both of their families, friends, and about 1000 other attendees at the game. A truly great moment especially because Jennifer had moved to Arizona for a job in March of 2017, so she had been away from everyone for a couple of months.  She flew home to visit everyone and the day after she arrived in Lima, is when Sam had this all planned out with multiple people keeping it a secret and distracting me from noticing things."

Ceremony Venue: Shawnee Country Club
Reception Venue: Howard Johnson Ballroom
Hair & Makeup: Beauty By Jill
Bride's Dress: Allure, from Wendy's Bridal in Fort Wayne IN
Groom & Groomsmen attire: Men's Warehouse
Florist: Ivy Hutch - Delphos
DJ: Ultrasound - DJ Terence

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) summer wedding Wedding Fri, 16 Aug 2019 22:15:00 GMT
Cheyenne - 2020 Senior Portraits in Downtown Lima
Cheyenne is a 2020 Senior from Elida who was absolutly so much fun to work with! She came with a beautiful smile and gorgeous natural curls ready for the first half of her Senior session! We started in downtown Lima before going to the park to take advantage of the pretty fields! She was so much fun and I am already excited about working together again on the second half!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) senior portraits summer Tue, 13 Aug 2019 21:28:48 GMT
Lauren & Kyle | Engagement session downtown I am so thrilled to have met this couple and that they chose me as their wedding photographer! They are fun and such and so easy to work with! I am so excited to do it again on their wedding day! We had a great time downtown on a bright beautiful day in the spring and were even able to find some pretty floral blooms!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) engagement spring spring engagement Fri, 12 Jul 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Kylee & Michael | Spring Engagement I am so excited to share this beautiful couple's gorgeous spring engagement session! Their last session was in the fall and was also lovely but I really enjoyed all the romance with the flower blooming trees! I am so excited to work with this couple again on their wedding day!!!

(Jessica Lynea Photography LLC) engagement spring spring engagement Tue, 09 Jul 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Kaitlynn & Thomas | June Wedding I am so glad I was able to be a part of this special day with Kaitlynn & Thomas! The weather was perfect! The couple is so in love! The family is amazing! It was such a great day!
They had a beautiful church ceremony with mass. Kaitlynn did a first look with her dad before the ceremony but that wasnt where the emotions got craziest. It wasnt until the reception, right before the father daughter dance where her dad had his brother speak his words for him to Kaitlynn that melted all of our hearts! Thomas is obviously the perfect man for her and the love he has for her is so easy to see! It just pours out of him! I am so happy for them and wish them a long life of happiness!!!