Why to wear a wedding Veil

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Why to Wear a wedding veil

When thinking about the wedding dress, the thought to follow is usually the veil. You may question whether to have one or not, or if you do want one, what length it should be, if it should have beads or lace, and how long you will wear it on your wedding day.
There is no doubt that they add beauty and elegance to your wedding attire!

When Brides ask me my personal opinion on if they should have a veil, I ALWAYS say YES! And here's why:

1. They enhance your bridal look.

After you put on a wedding dress, you are most likely feeling like a beautiful princess, as you would in so many other kinds of beautiful dresses right? But as soon as the veil is added, there is no doubt you definitely feel like a bride! It's the one and only time of your life to ever wear a veil, even though it may not be the one time you wear a stunning dress!

2. Creates SEVERAL more beautiful photos then going without!

There are so many kinds of poses and tricks we have with using the veils to really get several more beautiful images! Whether the bride is detail shots, getting ready, having photos by herself, with bridesmaids, family, bride and groom together, and even during the ceremony, there are added shots to each of these when having a veil then without because we want to make sure to capture all the really dreamy flows, glows, and frames that we can while you have it on! Since it's typically not worn all day, we take full advantage of what we can get while we have it!

3. There are so many options!

With all the gorgeous veil options out there, it's another way to customize your look and wedding to your look and style. You may love to have bling, so there can be another touch by getting a veil with beading, or you love lace so much that you get a veil with lace, maybe your dress is super simple so your veil adds the flare with some lace, or adding length to your dress to get an ultimate cathedral bridal look! There are short options, medium and of course several long options. I personally love the ones that go a little longer than the dress. They create the most dreamy flowing veil shots and have such an wow factor!

The number one question I get after they have decided on wearing a veil, is how long will it be worn?
Usually, it is put on after your wedding dress, and will be worn until after some photos after the ceremony are done with wedding party and just bride and groom. There may be more photos with the group and just bride and groom even after it's out too!
Sometimes it can be taken out earlier if bride and groom have a first look before the ceremony, where we will do their veil portraits then. So it can be taken out right after ceremony or pretty quickly after.  It is usually off though a little while before the reception, and before dress bustling. Some brides choose to put them back in if we go back out for sunset portraits, and some like to keep it off to have some photos without the veil as well.

Please enjoy viewing some of my favorite images using the veils to create such romantic and dreamy images!

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