Jennifer & Samuel - Summer Garden Themed Wedding

August 16, 2019

This was such a beautiful outdoor wedding, even with the thunderstorm that rolled through, starting during the first look and right before the ceremony! It means good luck right?! And it was perfect out for the rest of the day! They had such a unique wedding theme with garden decor all around in the reception hall. And the Shawnee Country club was the absolute perfect venue to have outdoor, yet covered and surrounded by beauty all around!

I am also so excited to share Jennifer's words of their love and engagement stories:

"Samuel and Jennifer met in Lima, Ohio in August of 2015 while they both were working at University of Northwestern Ohio.  She was a graduate assistant for athletics and Sam was the new assistant baseball coach. At a team meeting for baseball where Jennifer and her office had to attend, that's where Sam first saw her.  Jennifer did not see Sam as there were 100 other baseball players and coaches there and they all matched, impossible to tell them all apart!

Fast forward a few weeks to September alumni weekend for UNOH baseball.  Jennifer is working her part-time job at Lock 16, and in walks the baseball staff.  The UNOH baseball alumni and coaches always come in to Lock 16 to kick off the after hours festivities of their alumni weekend.  In walks Sam, and Jennifer can remember exactly where she was standing and what she said to herself when she saw him.  Oh my god, is that the new baseball coach, he is hot, I hope that table is mine! Jennifer walks in the back of the kitchen to finish a task she was working on and up walks a hostess, telling Jennifer that the high top table (where the baseball staff was seated) was mine.  In her mind It was as if the gods were on her side that day.  Jennifer still thought that Sam had no idea who she was or had ever seen her.  So she thought this was a great way for him to notice her! After a long shift trying to keep up with the thirsty baseball alumni, Jennifer's shift ended about 10 hours after she arrived to work that day.  

Fast forward again a couple months and during those months, there were multiple athletic department meetings that were attended by Sam and Jennifer together and Jennifer looked forward to everyone and always told her best friend, Megan, when she got to see the hot baseball coach she was crushing on.  

In November, Jennifer was getting off work at Lock 16 and her best friend, Megan, was at a UNOH basketball game with her friend, Sean.  Sean was also on the baseball coaching staff.  Megan texts Jennifer and tells her "hey, you should come to the basketball game when you get off work, your baseball lover is here."  Jennifer headed right to the basketball game where she officially met Sam. The group went out the Mulligan's that night and played pool, where Jennifer beat Sam twice (death on the 8 ball).  After that night, Sam and Jennifer's relationship started budding and they officially started dating in January of 2016 and have been together ever since.  

---Side note, our engagement story is just as good as this one! :)

June of 2017, Jennifer got to throw out a first pitch at a Lima Locos game where Sam was one of the coaches and got proposed to in front of both of their families, friends, and about 1000 other attendees at the game. A truly great moment especially because Jennifer had moved to Arizona for a job in March of 2017, so she had been away from everyone for a couple of months.  She flew home to visit everyone and the day after she arrived in Lima, is when Sam had this all planned out with multiple people keeping it a secret and distracting me from noticing things."

Ceremony Venue: Shawnee Country Club
Reception Venue: Howard Johnson Ballroom
Hair & Makeup: Beauty By Jill
Bride's Dress: Allure, from Wendy's Bridal in Fort Wayne IN
Groom & Groomsmen attire: Men's Warehouse
Florist: Ivy Hutch - Delphos
DJ: Ultrasound - DJ Terence