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I am looking forward to your session!
Please be sure to look in your email (even your junk folders!) for your confirmation you have just been sent.
You will also receive reminder emails that you can confirm your session with, arriving 5 days before session as well as the day before.
Text reminders are also sent the day before your session.


How to prepare for your Mini Session


Location for a Mini session is determined by photographer if outdoor due to the sessions being back to back.
Local location will be sent to you after receiving confirmation to your session reminder email.
If you prefer a specific location, it may be best to book a regular session instead of the mini.
If you have booked a Studio mini, you have option to choose your background in studio, or I am happy to help!


Arrive Early

Arrive 5-10 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time for last minute issues that may arise.
Mini Sessions are scheduled back-to-back and any amount of time that you're late will directly impact the length of your session and number of images you may receive.
For Studio minis, you may need to wait outdoors or in your car for your session time, since there is only room for one session group at a time.
Please be prepared to prep yourselves or children in the car if they are not ready at arrival.


What to Wear

I know planning what to wear for your photo session can sometimes be stressful but I don't want you to stress!
I often encourage mom to decide on her outfit first and then build on the rest of the families clothing from there.
Find something to wear that makes you feel beautiful! If you feel good in what you are wearing, it will transfer to your photos! Don't be afraid to dress it up.
Dresses are the most flattering for women, and photograph beautifully. Long dresses with movement add a touch of grace and elegance!
Keep patterns minimal. If mom is wearing a floral dress, everyone else can be in solids that match or compliment the colors in her pattern.
You don't all have to match, but definitely do try to choose complimenting colors.
Don't be afraid to accessorize the family! Necklaces, belts, scarves, bow ties, suspenders, headbands and so on!
Check out my Pintrest board of ideas here.


What to Bring

If you have any props you want to include, your welcome to bring them! Or ask about what we have!
Also, with children, make sure they have went potty and are fed well before arriving.
It's also a good idea to bring favorite snacks and drinks for little ones to use if needed. Keep hidden until its necessary though so it doesn't become a distraction.
Favorite candy or toys may be good to have hidden as well, for some just in case bribery!



Preparing the Little Ones

Talk to them ahead of time about where you are taking them and what they will be doing.
Let them know they are going to have fun and how much we love to see their smiles! Its also good for them to know that its only for a short time.
A lot of families also discuss a fun activity or treat to have together after the pictures are done too!

Once your children are prepared mentally and physically, feel free to give them, (and yourself) some grace. Some days don't go as planned. I have seen it all so please dont panic if your kids are not doing what you want them to.
I know you love more than just their biggest smiles, so we will be capturing many precious moments and faces they make.


Have Fun!

Remember to relax and have fun! If you are stressed, your kids tend to be too.
If you are relaxed and enjoying your time with them, they tend to do so too!
Relaxed parents and families = beautiful portraits!

Gallery & Delivery

All sessions will be delivered through online gallery within 2 weeks of session date. You will receive an email with directions, and link with password to your online gallery.
You will be able to order professional prints and products with great prices from the online gallery, as well as download high resolution images and print release right from the gallery.
Your online gallery will not expire. Keep your email to visit your images anytime!


Thank you!

I am looking forward to capturing your precious moments to cherish!

Feel free to reply to your recent confirmation email or reminder email to discuss any further details or questions!