Senior Experience for Him

Preparing for your session

I’m SO excited about your upcoming senior session with Jessica Lynea Photography!! AH!!
Below is lots of information regarding hair and makeup, outfit selection, what to expect at your session, and more. Please read it thoroughly! Neglecting to read this guide can result in a poor senior portrait experience, and most frequently asked questions are answered right here in this guide!  Find the link to this page anytime in your confirmation and reminder emails.

Your session is going to begin at a pre-determined location based on your scenic choices and style. Please try your absolute best to arrive on time, if not a few minutes early. As a natural light photographer, your senior session may be scheduled around the time that the sun sets. (The best lighting of the day) Once the sun is set, we can no longer shoot. Therefore, if you arrive to your session even 10- 15 minutes late, it will affect the amount of time that we can shoot and the length of your session!


Outfit Tips

Stuck on what to wear? I’m here to help! Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you guide your outfit choices! Choosing what you will wear for your photo shoot is a huge decision that can make or break your senior portrait session! I know that sounds dramatic… but, if you accidentally wear something that isn’t flattering on camera or something that you don’t feel confident in…it can ruin the experience for you! So, here are some of the best ways to choose what to wear.



Include an outfit with a more Classic look that won't be outdated in just a few years. Solid tones work best with full length sleeves and a pleasing neckline. This will give mom & dad a fine selection for hanging in the living room and for family gifts.


These outfits should make a statement about you. They can be sporty, casual, trendy, grunge or just really fun. Be sure to select a different outfit for each photo-shoot style you choose and co-ordinate each from head to shoes.


These are the outfits needed for special photo-shoot styles such as Sports, School Spirit, or whatever is your vibe! Be sure to bring any props that relate to these outfits to enhance your look. Plan for some full length poses - including footwear.



In the cold months (fall + winter), adding layers to your outfits always looks STUNNING in portraits! A sweater with a flannel underneath paired with a vest or scarf adds so much dimension to your images and makes for super fun posing options!


Well groomed hair is important! Try to avoid a just-cut look. If you have a longer hair style, a little hair spray will help hold it in place during your session. Come with a freshly shaved/groomed face. Avoid chapped lips! Use a chap-stick regularly a few days up to your session and bring it with you to use through the day. Got blemishes? Cover any blemishes that show with concealer as best you can and we will take care of any remaining problems in retouching.


This means avoiding patterns that add weight such a horizontal stripes. Long sleeve clothing in soft forgiving fabrics and polished dress shoes, as well as casual shoes or sandals are a must. Avoid tee shirts under a shirt unless it is part of the outfit. While it is casual to wear shirts tails out, for portraits, it looks best if they are tucked in. Avoid load patterns and wrinkly clothing. Laying out your clothes and giving them a fresh steam or press the day before is best to have little-to-no wrinkles.

Extra Tips

Bring some fun accessories. Any outfit can be enhanced with personal fun accessories. Bring your favorite fashion sunglasses, hats, scarfs, or anything else that is all about you. We will fit your personal items in whenever possible to personalize your pictures.

Get your Wheelz ready for photography. If you are planning on including your vehicle in your photo-shoot, be sure it is clean and polished. Also, use a tire cleaner on the tires to enhance the black of the rubber and make them appear new. Bring window cleaner for last minute touch-ups.

Preparing your pet for the Photo-shoot. If you are planning on including your pet in your photo-shoot, a little extra preparation is needed. Dogs, cats or any animals with fur, should be bathed and brushed well the night before your appointment. Also, be sure to bring some soft treats or toys they like, to distract them and get their attention as the pictures are being made.

Bring your own props. If you have a sport or activity important to you, be sure to bring the props that you will need for these pictures.

Feel free to email me if you have any additional questions at [email protected]

I am SO excited to work together!!! 

Warmly, Jessica