Thank you for booking with Jessica Lynea Photography!

I am looking forward to your session!
Please be sure to look in your email (even your junk folders!) for your confirmation you have just been sent.
You will also receive reminder emails that you can confirm your session with, arriving 5 days before session as well as the day before.
Text reminders are also sent the day before your session.

Feel free to reply to your emails to discuss details or ask questions!


Preparing for your Headshots

What to Expect

Your headshots will include the standard close up headshots, as well as some fuller length and possibly candid images. Whether for company or single person, there will be a good variety.
After your session, you will receive an email with a link to your password protected gallery. You may order professional prints and products right from the gallery and have the option to download your high resolution images and print release.


The location of the shoot is up to you! Here are some options:
In your office (We love to use natural light if possible but will bring necessary lighting and backgrounds if desired)
In studio
Outdoor location chosen by client or photographer

A few days before your shoot you’ll want to start getting prepared. If you’re properly prepared for the shoot you’ll not only have an easier and more stress free time during the shoot, but the resulting images will look a ton better than if you just winged it.


Clothing is a form of expression and the clothes that you pick to wear will reflect your personality in the images. My best piece of advice when choosing clothes is the simpler the better.

  • Solid colors look great in headshots.
  • If going with a pattern keep it simple.
  • Start with a simple shirt or blouse and slowly add layers.
  • Bring a few changes of clothes to the shoot.
  • Make sure that ALL clothes are ironed and pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to Photoshop out and may require additional editing fees to do so.
  • Bring a lint brush or roller with you.


  • Bring a brush and some hair product (gel/hairspray) with you to the shoot to help calm fly-aways. 
  • If you can afford it hire a hair stylist for the morning of the shoot.

Makeup and Face

  • Bring lip balm or lip gloss with you to help keep lips looking soft.
  • The night before brush your lips with your toothbrush to help get rid of any dead skin.
  • Don’t do any extreme beauty regimens right before your shoot, like facial peels, tanning or extensive exfoliating. Your skin can look very irritated.
  •  Get rid of any unwanted hair a few days before your shoot. Clean up brows and upper lip hair.
  • FOR MEN. Shave right before you leave for a shoot. A 5 o clock shadow can’t be Photoshopped easily. Use cooling gel or aftershave to help with skin irritation.
  • Bring some oil absorbing sheets to soak up any oil or sweat that might build up during the shoot. The studio lights can get pretty hot. Some great sheets are the Clean and Clear: Oil Absorbing Sheets. You can find them at any Wal-mart or local drug store.
  • If you can afford it, hire a Makeup artist to do your makeup, feel free to ask for referrals!
  • Some retouching will be done to your images, however if you wish for additional, it may have a fee per image.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Before the shoot look at your face in the mirror and see what side you like better. Everyone has a good side, find yours. Remember though, a mirror will flip your face and the camera won’t so the images might look a little different than you were expecting. 
  • If you have one eye that is visibly smaller than the other bring the side of your face with the smaller eye towards the camera. It will help reduce the difference between the two.
  • Try different expressions in the mirror. Do you look better stoic or perky? I will be happy to get different expressions from you during the shoot.