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Preparing for your child's First Birthday Session

Hi! I am so excited to see you for this amazing milestone! The first year is the fastest year ever!!! Here are a few tips and questions about your session!


1. Location 
We can meet in the studio, at a local park or in your home. 

2. Outfits
Most babies are photographed in two to three outfits, a casual/dressy outfit, first birthday outfit and cake smash attire. Cake smash attire is typically a diaper cover, bloomers, cloth diaper or tutu. We will do cake smash last since this usually leaves a mess and sticky babies.

3. Decor
You are welcome to bring along first birthday party decorations to the photo shoot. Such a a banner, balloons, etc. You are welcome to use any items and backgrounds you like from the studio. Backgrounds and themes should be discussed as soon as possible in case ordering anything is necessary. Do you have a favorite Disney movie? Let's make an over-the-top set for your baby! I want this to be a personalized experience!

4. Cake
It's best to introduce your baby to cake once or twice before the session so your baby has already explored the texture and taste and you'll be aware of possible allergies. Be sure to bring a cake at room temperature, avoid chocolate and fondant with toothpicks. Most smash cakes measure around 6 inches. It's also possible to bring a cupcake. If your interested in a specialized theme with matching cake, feel free to ask for references.  I typically allow for 5-10 minutes of cake photos. But we will follow your baby's pace.
Some babies have no interest in cake - so don't feel like you absolutely must do a cake smash! You know your baby best. Does your little one love donuts? Cookies? Ice cream? Pasta? Fruit? Lets get creative and let your little one devour what they love!

 5. Clean up 
Get ready for a mess! Please bring outfit changes for baby and a couple towels. Some snuggly footie pajamas are the best for easy wearing home to be followed by a bath!

6. Illness 
If your baby wakes up the day of the photo shoot with a fever, we can reschedule! Sick babies aren't happy babies!!

7. Additional Items
Bring along a sippy cup, some of your baby's favorite foods, like Cheerios, so we can put them on the cake if your baby is not very interested in it.

8. Accessories 
Accessories often make the outfit, right? Past clients have brought in bows, ribbons, bowties, party hats, and crowns.

9. The Plan:
Please let me know your goals for the session, my plan is usually:

  • Family with Baby
  • Siblings with Baby
  • Parents with Baby
  • Each parent with Baby
  • Baby in a regular outfit
  • Baby in birthday outfit
  • Baby cake smash

    10. Enjoy It!
    Don't stress over the small details. Sometimes babies have a mind of their own, but don't sweat it! I'll be sure to capture cute portraits of your sweet baby!