Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning more about my editing style and options for additional edits.

My style is bright, classic and colorful. I edit all of my images in a program called lightroom to get my style onto each one of the photos. Then, I may bring some or many images to photoshop for some additional touch ups if I feel the images could use some fixes or a more polished look. 

All of my final editing is then finished and your gallery is uploaded and emailed! After reviewing your gallery, you are welcome to let me know of any editing flaws I may have missed. (Removing a bruise, blemish or something else we may have talked about prior). These edits will be done at no cost!

In addition, I also offer to do a few edits of your choice to give your images a few minor touch ups, or cosmetic editing, if you would like. I love your images and how you look in them just as they are!  I love the natural beauty, even things you may feel are not perfect, Naturally perfect is how I see it!! I totally understand though when a minor thing may bother us but we love the rest of the image, or when we have big ideas to really enhance it! So I am happy to address your personal needs and desires to enhance your images to your liking. This is also no charge as long as its a few images that I can easily edit within 20 minutes. (Usually 1-4 images depending on the types of edits). I suggest to just choose your favorites that you may want to make into prints or products. 

If you would like additional touch ups or other enhancements, there will be a charge which is paid ahead of the editing. Any further retouches will require additional fees. The fees will cover cost of time and processes of reopening of file or file retrieval (since your gallery is already filed away from being finished), editing of images, re-uploading of new images, and gallery email and additional communication time.

Below are some examples of edits and their fees per image:

Minor edits: $5 each

Skin smoothing

blemish removal

Very small object/person removal from background

1-3 hair loose hair strand removal/fix

Clothes stain, wet spots 

Enhanced edits: $10 each

face swap (use a face from another photo to put into desired photo that is similar but better expression) price per face.

Bigger objects in Background removal

Fix reflection in glasses

Brighten dark glasses

Braces removal

Several strands of hair removal or flyaway fix

Add minimal objects / special effects to image (smoke, snow, lights, fabric...)

Specialized edits: $20 each

Background change

Add several special effects/objects

Add or removal of people (only adding people of photos I have photographed)

Add people to image who have passed away (using images I havn't done but must be good quality) this edit is $5 more, $25 total per image.


Please inquire for any additional questions regarding your particular edit requests.