How to Download from your gallery & use your USB

Hello! We hope you find this page helpful with downloading your images or using your USB.
Please always feel free to contact for any further assistance!

USB's are delivered in a white envelope attached to your print release.
When you remove your USB, here is how you open it:

Please save your images from your USB onto a computer, hard drive, or cloud service. We suggest having them stored in at least 2 places besides the USB.
(Any USB's are not a reliable lasting technology. Not only can they fail from some kind of malfunction or corruption like other technology, but they can also break and easily become destroyed.)


How to Download your images:

Using a mobile device, you can download single images by viewing an image and simply clicking the download option.


To download all or multiple images, scroll to the bottom of your gallery page and click on Desktop view.





Desktop Download & Mobile Download with Desktop View:

Click the tab at the top of your gallery that says "select photos"



Select your images



Or select ALL images by selecting "All" from the top left of the gallery.



You can now use the "Download" tab that appears at the top right of your gallery.



When using a computer instead of mobile device, you can choose what to download in this way.



At this point, enter in your email address to receive the downloadable folder.



Please read and be sure your email address is correct, click "OK"


Once you receive your email, you can click on the download link!
(If your link expires before you download, you can simply request it again from your gallery using the steps above)

Your files may start downloading right away (especially if using a mobile device)



Or you may see something like this pop up, when using a computer. Click "save file" and then click OK.



On your mobile, you can click to open your zipped file, if it doesn't automatically open for you.



On your mobile, You may be given the choice where to open your zipped folder. Any program that can extract a zipped folder is good.



On your mobile, once you open the folder, you MUST "extract" the images or they will have poor quality and possibly unable to view because they are still compressed.



On a computer, find the zipped folder in your downloads (images are of windows, mac/apple products will differ)


Find the option to extract, you may also be able to right click (or double click for mac) to find Extract All



If you receive a pop up box, select "Extract"





Make sure to delete the zipped folder after your new folder has appeared! So you don't accidentally pull your images to print from it.

Once your files are extracted, they are ready to view, print and use!
Please remember to save your files in a safe place! And create a backup! (Hard drives, cloud storage)
You are also still able to access your online gallery and request another download if necessary.

Please take care of your precious memories!