Referral Discounts

Refer a Wedding for $50 credit towards your next session!
Refer a Senior for $20 credit towards your next session!
Refer for any other new clients who book any other session and get $5-$15 credit based off the first session they book with me.
Referrals are not counted until referred client has had their session or made deposit toward wedding or session.

See if you have a referral discount here!


Session "Party"
Kinda like any other party you can host, but for sessions!
The host gathers clients from people they know to have a session of their own, but all on the same day & location (can be studio). For each client the host gets to book that day (up to 5), the host will get $15 off their own session (up to $75 off). All other clients in the session party will get $10 off their sessions.

These must be booked at least one month in advance and around availability.

This is popular with Boudoir sessions and Composite Art Sessions

Please contact for any questions!